Our Mission is to Uncover and Document the Soul of America on Film. So that we might come to truly know each other from beyond our opinionsOur Vision is that this Film Series of the Interior World of the American People and the other projects developed from the profound footage we capture will be used widely in schools, organizations, places of worship, government, families and other places in which lives are experienced. And that the Series and these other projects make a significant contribution in bringing people across the many divides closer together by inspiring a change in the way we see and act towards each other.


America is seemingly divided. And across these divides, people fail to understand each other. People fail to see each other. We do not know each other. And there is consequence.

We talk about the symptoms believing they are the cause. But the cause of such human disconnection lies far deeper than we’ve cared to look. What if we were to gaze deeply into the Soul of this Nation. What if we were to listen to its innermost voice. A voice that exists far beyond the opinions and ideas of right and wrong.

We are traveling across the Nation. Engaging people in a profound live filming experience that casts the camera image onto a cinema screen as each subject is taken on a journey to a disarmingly truthful inner world beyond their own opinions of right and wrong.

The result is that the human being is truly seen, truly witnessed as truth is spoken. The experience transforms both the way in which we see each other and the possibility of how we then choose to act in the world.


And the powerful inner voice captured on film becomes the basis of an enduring Film Portrait Series of the Soul of America, of the Interior World of the American People, allowing millions to recognize and experience the same.

So that we might come to truly know each other. And ourselves.

Beyond the Film Series, we are developing many experiential pieces designed to bring people closer together.


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A PERSONAL NOTE FROM THE FOUNDER: It seems that with a camera I’m able to slow time, and capture the human interior from where truth so often emerges in stark drama-less contrast. From where we are each laid bare, and entirely human. HUMAN THEMES: Along this journey to uncover the Soul of America, I imagine that what we will capture will address and contribute to a least some of the major interior human themes of our time ; self worth and acceptance : finding community and meaning : conscious leadership and the direction of commerce : poverty and suffering : inequality, racism and sexism : a redefinition of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” : compassion and inclusion : the challenge of mental health : resolving conflict : vulnerability, authenticity and the knowing of truth : resilience and inner strength : creativity and adapting to uncertainty : the search for love, joy and peace : and more. NIC ASKEW