When we face a deep cultural trauma such as systemic exclusion it is often made visible through dramatic event. And the danger is that we keep our gaze on the surface and as ever, become consumed by the drama. We then convince ourselves that it is the event we need to address.

But behind the drama exists a cause. Deep, and often hidden in plain sight.

Only a fool would choose not to sit still enough to wonder about such cause. To recognize, understand and embrace it. And only a fool would search so far from home.

MINTON SPARKS is a Grammy-nominated Artist from Nashville, Tennessee. She is also in possession of an awesome name.

This film contains a perhaps appropriate f-bomb, given the nature of the subject.

NOTE: I feel drawn to focus some of the Soul of America Project into a body of work on Prejudice and Exclusion. A journey headlong into the heart of racism, sexism and the like.

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