‘… For those who feel like they don’t belong. Whether they shout it from the rooftops, or take its unwanted weight silently into the darkness of each night.


The tables were turned. A while back I filmed well known entrepreneur SUZY BATIZ (founder of PooPourri) and things quickly got weird. This time we changed seats. Whilst on the Soul of America Tour in Dallas.

These few minutes express something of what lies at the heart of this latest exploration. Actually at the heart of all of my work. A knowing beyond the idea of it.

You belong. There was never any condition to that. Ever. You never didn’t belong. Despite what it might seem. And without the need to belong, your need to be right falls away.

One has to be still enough for a moment just to catch a glimpse of what you are.

If you know what you are, you can’t fight. You can’t fight yourself. You can’t fight your neighbor. You can’t fight.

There was nothing we ever had to do. We think we have to be someone in order to belong. It was just never true.

Imagine that.

Later this week I shall release the full 50 minute interview (from which these few minutes were cut) to all who have made a DONATION to the Soul of America. We appreciate your support. You can join the ranks if you feel this work is adding value to the/your world.