A Contribution to some of the Major Interior Human Themes of Our Time

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A PERSONAL NOTE : It seems that with a camera I’m able to slow time, and capture the human interior from where truth so often emerges in stark drama-less contrast. From where we are each laid bare. Revealed as both fragile and strong. And entirely human.

And along this journey to find the Soul of America, I imagine that what I capture will address and contribute to a least some of the major interior human themes of our time ; self worth and acceptance : finding community and meaning : conscious leadership and the direction of commerce : poverty and suffering : inequality, racism and sexism : a redefinition of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” : compassion and inclusion : the challenge of mental health : resolving conflict : vulnerability, authenticity and the knowing of truth : resilience and inner strength : creativity and adapting to uncertainty : the search for love, joy and peace : and more.

Donors Gain Exclusive Access

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Today we published the Donor Page which will hold access to exclusive material. First up in a tremendously deep and revealing interview film that gives much away about the philosophy of the series. I am in front of the camera.

I have also added all the donor names to date …

The Opportunity of a Human Life

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The Opportunity of a Human Life

‘… I’m still here for something. I’m not ready to go. I’ve been exceptionally fortunate in my 98 years. I consider the recent heart surgery as another step to learn all I can learn while I’m here, so that I can help others who haven’t quite thought about what an opportunity a human life is.’

A 74 second film portrait. Shot in Arizona …

You Belong Without Condition. Know This and the Fight Falls Away

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You belong. There was never any condition to that. Ever. You never didn’t belong. Despite what it might seem. And without the need to belong, your need to be right falls away.

A 4 minute fim …

In Front of an Audience. That is Shocking

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A Documentary Film Maker, investigating the possibility of making a behind the scenes film on the #SoulOfAmerica Journey, expressed surprise that all the footage he’d seen from the project had been filmed in front of an audience. Actually shock might be a more accurate word. He-expressed-shock. So I thought this worthy of bringing to your notice  – unbridled truthfulness is possible no matter who or how many are present. It is perhaps what we crave, despite our fear of its consequence.

On that note, here is a stab at an honest invitation to this journey to the vast interior …

If I Get OK With Me I’ll Be OK With Everyone Else

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‘… if I get OK with my I’ll be OK with everyone else.’

A one minute film …

Friday Night in Nashville

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Soul of America Live Filming at Friday Night at Watkins College of Art, Design and Film …

Souls Wanted For Risky Exploration in Dallas. No Guarantees of Success

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I wrote these few words for an invitation to anyone in proximity to Dallas, Texas tomorrow evening. Probably as truthful a congregation of words as I’ve ever gathered.


Souls Wanted : for risky exploration. Journey to the inner world. No map. No guarantees of success. Yet no way of getting it wrong. Possible full exposure of your own soul in service to the American People.

Requirements : the possession of some courage and a willingness to surrender opinions of right and wrong.

Dallas Event Friday 15th September 2017. 6.30-10pm. Free entry in exchange for undivided presence.

Elsewhere in the USA in the coming year.

Apply for details to hello@thesoulofamerica.us

The Deafening Sound Of Drama And Personal Thought

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It has become plainly evident over so many years of observing and filming the human soul, that my ability to see this inexorable part of each person can fade amongst the deafening sound of drama, and personal thought of what has not yet come to be.

This has been my experience of the last few days.

The Tour Bus Fire and personal concern over what on earth I am actually doing here. If I am being honest, weighted towards the latter.

That said, I made Kansas City, Missouri after separating from the Tour Bus, and hiring the only available vehicle in a small town in Iowa at a vast unbudgeted cost. And in Kansas City there was for a short time, stillness amongst the drama. And the camera caught it.

More on this soon. The Kansas City footage and the personal thoughts of what has not yet come to be.

For now we move on to Dallas, Texas via somewhere yet to be found.

NOTE : if anyone feels drawn to contribute to the $360 truck rental fee we incurred to make Kansas City on time they can do so HERE. And we would be forever grateful.

Day One And The Tour Bus Caught Fire

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Day One And The Tour Bus Caught Fire

This side of Des Moines our Tour Bus caught fire. FIRE. And we made just 3 miles in 5 hours, as we attempted to work out how to put out the smoldering embers close to the liquefied petroleum gas tank that fueled the generator. Each time we drove over 10 mph the embers deep inside the framework would catch fire as the cabin once again filled with smoke …

You Have To See Yourself As A Full Time Fundraiser

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A few days ago an advisor to the Soul of America Project stated mostly categorically, ‘Nic I hope you don’t intend to spend all your time making films, as you now have to see yourself as a full time fundraiser. That is the way you will fulfill your purpose.’

I have to admit that in days gone by I have been much better at giving than receiving.

The Soul of America is now open for (tax deductible) donations …

Soul of America Has 501(c)(3) Status

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Soul of America received 501(c)(3) non profit status. This is a vast move for me personally, as it has so often been pointed out that my work is essentially non profit in nature. Finally the legal structure has caught up. And we took our first donation …

Born Free, The Tour Bus Comes With Its Own Name

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It appears that the Tour Bus (RV) we have managed to borrow for the Tour’s first leg comes with its own name …

59 Seconds + Funding this Journey

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A friend wrote and said ‘so glad you have this funded’. Well the truth is we haven’t yet received a single cent from anywhere to get this going, although we are taking off on the Tour Bus headed for Kansas City, Dallas, Tuscaloosa and Nashville on the first leg on 9/11. The reason is that we haven’t yet asked, and the reason for that is that we are awaiting non-profit status. When that happens the ask will follow …

The Black Mist

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As the people railed against
the most obvious acts of
dark spoken violence,

they missed the black mist
that encircled the world …

Guitar for the Soul of America

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Guitar for the Soul of America

I imagine that this search for the Soul of America and the many and diverse inner voices I shall share with you through film will require me to record many more original guitar pieces. This does not appear to be a hardship …

Might the Conflict Series have been a Forerunner to the Soul of America

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It was pointed out by more than one viewer that the new SOUL OF AMERICA Project had a forerunner. Or so they said – the Klamath Human Conflict Series I made a few years ago. In some sense, those viewers may have a point. Here is the trailer for that Series. It should give you a sense of the tone of voice …